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A wealthier world for all....One community at a time

THE VISION: Our vision is to lead a "Spiritual Revolution that will trigger a moral and economic transformation of the African".

THE MISSION: Our mission is to raise thousands of wealthy Africans leading to the emergence of loosely organised alternate governments all over Africa and other continents where the African resides, by equipping every individual to use their unique endowments to provide what formal governments will not supply to their communities, at a profit.

THE THINKING: it is our view that a brand new Africa can only emerge if there are brand new Africans. These are the people who, through private effort, will rebuild the infrastructure of the continent.

Having identified the need for the conscious development of a sizeable number of wealthy/Successful Africans that can serve as transformation drivers in the different communities that people of African descent belong to, we came to a conclusion through thorough analysis that only a boom-up approach could lead to a sustainable transformation of the infrastructure and economies of the nations and communities on the African continent itself where the largest proportion of our target group, reside on a permanent basis.

Hence, we have come up with a wealth formation model that is built on the foundation of infrastructure provision as micro, small or medium-sized businesses owned by every day, run of the mill individuals, that will move them out of poverty/endemic hopelessness through the practice of universal/generic principles of success.

Through the structures made available by the project, we intend to drive and create an inial quantum of wealthy communities. As these communities increase in number and their impact compound, they will become a new oasis of prosperity and their experiences will form the nucleus of the African Wealth Formation Template (AWFT) which we hope to develop at the end of the first phase of the GWPROJECT and will be incorporated into the GWPROJECT phase 2, where we will work more closely with governmental and multilateral development agencies in our target countries.

This is how we hope to contribute to winning the bale against helplessness and in the end create a wealthier world with a focus on the African, starting with the individual, then the family, community, city, state and eventually every country where the African can be found.

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